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The Surgical Museum at Mont-Saint-Jean Farm, at Waterloo, will be opened on September 20th by the Duke of Wellington. The farm was used as a field hospital during the Battle of Waterloo and now contains Mick Crumplin's considerable collection of medical artifacts.

The war that ended at Waterloo was a long, long one: 21 years long. We lost 2.5 percent of our population which is a greater loss proportionally than in World War One and the debt of the war was £1,600,000. We were on our knees at the end of this war. Medically, Napoleon was fit enough during the Battle of Waterloo, contrary to all rumours, but he was absolutely exhausted.

What's interesting is if you look at the war in three chunks of the Napoleonic War. In the first one you've got the Low Countries and the savage weather conditions and poor organisation of the medical forces and in the West Indies you have yellow fever and malaria. Those two campaigns were going until 1799 and cost us over half of the casualties of the whole war through unpreparedness and adverse weather conditions. The middle chunk of the war was fascinating medically, but we didn't learn as many lessons as we could have done from the first chunk of the war.


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