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Hello Guys,

This is a book that was written by a North Korean writer still living there, but as it is against the government, it was smuggled through the border and published in South Korea in 2014. Bandi is a pseudonym. In the French edition there is quite a lot of information about him/her (the genre is not told – let´s suppose it´s a "he") - he was born in 1950, lived in China during his childhood, and is now an official writer for the government. A friend of him smuggled these short stories that were written between 1989 and 1995 - and that Bandi kept hidden all those years.

Every one of them tells how the North Korean dictatorship destroys the life of the individual. Usually we have someone whose father/grandfather/cousin/etc did something that displeased the Party years ago, so this someone nowadays can´t do anything, or have a good job, or go to the University. In some other stories, the protagonist is a member of the government, but while he worked hard during his lifetime, the only thing he has received is a couple of medals, or not even that. In some instances, any idea that goes against the government - even if they are essentially harmless - causes great pain to a whole family because the society, following the leaders without even thinking about it, turn against the individual.


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