#1 What Europe Do We Want? Germany–V4 von aaronpawlak 19.02.2018 13:22

The aim of the Germany–V4 Forum is not only to look for specific policy recommendations, but also to promote better understanding of each other’s perceptions and to ensure that differing voices are heard and taken into account in an effort to enable new and inspiring ways of approaching issues of our common future. During the Warsaw meeting, we focused on four inter-related topics:The EU common values and their translation into policies and institutions;
Cohesion and Solidarity and the Future of the EU;
German-French White book on the Future of the EU;
European neighborhood – enlargement policy, transition support and development aid.
Following presentation of representatives of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various aspects of the regional Three Seas Initiative were discussed.

Notwithstanding the challenging agenda of the workshop, a mutual engagement and a will to move forward emerged as palpable sign of positive centripetal energy that resides within the region. The next meeting of the group – which will also include a part open to the public


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